High Potency Zinc Picolinate 50MG- Pharmaceutical Grade Vegan Zinc Supplement for Immune Support, Free Radical Protection, Energy Boost & Skin Health Support- 60 Capsules- 2 Month Supply



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“The perfect Zinc Picolinate supplement!”


-Penelope E
  • Smart nutra labs 100% pure pharmaceutical grade high potency zinc provides 50mg of high quality zinc picolinate per capsule, each pack containing 60 vegan capsules, 2 month supply

  • High absorption zinc for immune boost; powerful antioxidant that promotes stronger immune system & healthy cell function

  • Supports healthy connective tissue, skin, eye, hair growth, reduction in oxidative stress and better quality sleep

  • Premium quality all natural ingredients; easy to swallow vegan capsules

  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, made in usa

Smart Nutra Labs Zinc Picolinate 50MG is a Clean & Powerful Zinc Supplement that Features 50MG of Pharmaceutical Grade Zinc Picolinate Per Serving. Our Premium Quality Zinc Contains 60 Vegan Capsules, Providing 2 Month Supply of High Absorbtion Zinc. Its a High Potency Effective Formulation For Stronger Immune System Support. Here are some of the ways Zinc may improve your health:

✔Supports Healthy Immune System & Cellular Function
✔Powerful Antioxidant & Anti Inflammatory Support
✔Healthy Blood Sugar & Cardiovascular Support
✔Supports More Energy & Better Quality Sleep
✔Promotes Healthy Connective Tissue, Eyes & Skin
✔Supports Improved Cognitive Health & Reduction in Oxidative Stress

How Our Zinc Picolinate Is Better Than Others?

Smart Nutra Labs Zinc Piclinate 50MG is a 100% Pure High Quality Zinc Supplement Made With All Natural Ingredients. Our product is also:

✔Pharmaceutical Grade Formulation
✔Non-GMO, No Filler, Vegan Capsules
✔Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Gelatin & Preservative Free
✔Made in USA

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